I seem to always do this! I come back for a post here and there and then don't carry on. I can only apologise and hopefully make a pinky promise that I will post at least once a month. Granted that sounds incredibly easy when you read it like that, but life has become inexplicably … Continue reading M.I.A.


Hoppers – London Soho

The place opens at 5.30pm, you can't book a table. It was a Wednesday evening, 'arrive on the dot', fail safe I thought. Boy, was I wrong! Hoppers opened in Soho in 2015 and has had a queue popping outside its door ever since. It's almost overnight success is not surprising when you can finally … Continue reading Hoppers – London Soho

Kitchen Table

After reading rave reviews of this almost top secret restaurant, I jumped at any occasion to book a seat here. Kitchen Table is unlike anywhere I've ever been. 19 seats wrapped around a open kitchen with chefs flame throwing anything in sight....okay, maybe a slight exaggeration. But you're right there in the action of it all. The … Continue reading Kitchen Table