Hoppers – London Soho

The place opens at 5.30pm, you can't book a table. It was a Wednesday evening, 'arrive on the dot', fail safe I thought. Boy, was I wrong! Hoppers opened in Soho in 2015 and has had a queue popping outside its door ever since. It's almost overnight success is not surprising when you can finally … Continue reading Hoppers – London Soho


Kitchen Table

After reading rave reviews of this almost top secret restaurant, I jumped at any occasion to book a seat here. Kitchen Table is unlike anywhere I've ever been. 19 seats wrapped around a open kitchen with chefs flame throwing anything in sight....okay, maybe a slight exaggeration. But you're right there in the action of it all. The … Continue reading Kitchen Table


I don't know if any of you are like me and just think Asian food is way too spicy and avoid it at all costs? (I realise it's little weird when you consider I come from an Indian background) Well, I'm telling you now, you need to get over your Phobia and get down to the ever … Continue reading Pho