Wednesday Wishlist ♥

wwLeft to right, top to bottom

  1. I am absolutely loving this two piece for summer. Great holiday wardrobe staple and perfect for day time wear. (source)
  2. I have been in love with Polaroids for as long as I can remember, so I don’t know I haven’t bought myself one yet. Great for carrying around with you wherever you go. (source)
  3. I bought this skirt today and am in awe of the colour. Such a vibrant transitional piece for day to evening wear – got my Friday night outfit sorted. (source)
  4. These Quay x shay collab sunglasses so on point. Leopard print will never go out of fashion and it’ll add such a lovely edge to any summer outfit. (source)
  5. Beach towel – need I say more?! Adore how well blue and white work together, and at only £10 SUCH a steal. (source)
  6. I’ve heard so many positive reviews about the Philips Lumea Precision Plus, but I cannot justify spending the best part of £500 on it. On my wishlist, it is Christmas yet!? (source)
  7. If I was ever to get married, this is the ring I would want my future husband to propose with. Isn’t it just the most gorgeous ring you have ever seen? (source)
  8. This childs penguin print is so sweet. I’ve always had a thing about multi-coloured pictures. (source)
  9. Paris is my absolute favourite place! Oh to be back there. And the black and white makes it feel so romantic. Anyone want to grab it for me? (source)
  10. I fancy these shoes so much. For anyone that’s heard of Sophia Webster, you’ll immediately know shes the ‘IT girl’ of shoes atm, with so many quirky designs and colours so bright and colourful it’ll feel like summer all year round! (source)

Whats on your Wednesday wishlist?

S x


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