Tesco Fashionable…?

I watched a program on BBC 1 on Wednesday night called ‘Britain’s spending secrets’. It got me thinking about designer labels and how much a name really does mean to us. I’m no snob, but sometimes I do let my ‘judgey’ side out when buying things. Yeah, sometimes the quality is better and it might last longer. But does it justify spending that amount, when you can get practically the same thing for a fraction of the cost. Not only am I talking about food, but clothes and furnishings too! I looked online at Tesco and compared some of the items to ‘named labels’ and here are my findings.




Which ones are from Tesco and which aren’t?

All the items on the left hand side are Tesco. Would you have guessed that.

The blue cushions – Tesco/£12.00, Laura Ashley/£31.50

Table lamp – Tesco/£12.99, The White Company/£60.00

Alarm Clock – Tesco/£4.00, Laura Ashley/£12.00

Crazy how similar the products are! Let me know if you find any.

S x


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