5 favourite cheap eats in London

I always get asked to suggest somewhere cheap and cheerful to eat in central London, so here are my top 5…

1.burger and lobster

Burger and Lobster. The clues in the name, but they only serve burgers or lobster. And at only £20 for either, with a side of chips, I don’t think that’s too bad going. The garlic butter sauce is to die for!

2.patty and bunPatty and Bun. Burgers only with sides. Grease heaven.

3.shake shack

Shake Shack. This is my favourite burger place. So so good. They add these little peppers in the burger and it just works!]

4.meat liqour

Meat Liquor. Their chilli cheese fries are the absolute best. Put it together with Shake Shacks pepper filled burgers and its a winning combo. They also do incredible cocktails!


Flat Iron. This place is my number 1 recommendation. The steaks are so nice and only £10. The sides are the best accompaniments (I usually go for creamed spinach, chips and the aubergine in a tomato and cheese sauce). They also have a small bar in the basement. Great for grabbing a drink before sitting down to eat. I don’t know how many people I’ve suggested this to, but if you haven’t gone, you’re missing out!

(Bonus 6.)bubbledogs

Bubbledogs. Champagne and hot dogs. Although I wouldn’t recommend people to go here for a full on dinner like the above. It’s definitely worth a visit for a heavy snack.

Where are your favourite places to eat in London?

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S x


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