The Finery





Yesterday afternoon I went for lunch down the road from where I work. I always walk past The Finery and ever since they revamped it earlier this year, wanted to go in. The have such good deals on during the week, like 241 on prosecco and cocktails after 4pm. And also 2 steaks, 2 puddings and bottle of wine for £38. Unfortunately for us, we went at 12, so couldn’t get any of the them.

We did settle on the Plush Peacock cocktail, which was gin and prosescco based and so refreshing. You couldn’t taste any of the alcohol, which is a little dangerous but well needed for Friday afternoon. I got the chicken and chips and Emma got the steak and ale pie. The chips were so tasty. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside.

I would definitely recommend this place for after works drinks, especially with happy hour everyday from 4-6pm. If you’re around soho, it’s great for a catch up with friends and not too expensive, like a lot of  places near by.

S x


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