Craft Kitchen

Before going to meet the team (aka the girls) I went out for lunch in Abbeville road with a couple of friends. I’d never been down there and considering I live literally 2 minutes away, it was starting to get a bit ridiculous. We had a look at a few of the menus but settled on Craft Kitchen.

I went for the all day steak sandwich, which was divine. Exactly want you want for a Saturday brunch.IMG_1009

The others got a club sandwich and the club burger, which looked equally as good.



For reasons unknown, I’ve decided to do sober September with one of my house mates, with the exception of a few days. Saturday was an exception, so I ordered a cheeky cocktail. This place is great for a casual lunch with friends, so if you’re ever in Clapham, I would check it out. I then had a night out (in) with the girls which I’ll share pictures tomorrow of how the evening went. It was a tad messy to say the least, but I had to make take advantage of my day off.

 How did you all spend your Saturday?

S x


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