Jeez! Sorry guys, I have been completely AWOL for a good months now and all I can do is apologise. Be prepared for a bundle of posts to make up for the lack of action.

So in the last post, alllll the way back in October, I mentioned I had just come back from Barcelona. 4 months later and I’m still missing it. The sun, sea, sand and just so much fun! I went with my house mates for a long weekend and then me and Lucy travelled to Zaragoza for an extra night.We stayed in an apartment near Las Ramblas which was right near the gothic quarter and walking to distance to the marine. The food was divine, paella and sangria galore! And we managed to get really lucky with the weather – even squeezed a trip to the beach.

One thing I would suggest is to pre book the tourist attractions if you want to go. We didn’t get a chance to see La Sagrada Familia or Park Guell, as all the available tickets they had were later in the day and we had arrived in the morning. We did manage to fit in a visit to Camp nou and saw Barcelona play. But silver lining, it gives me an excuse to go back…not that I really needed one!

S x


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