Ramen lovers, if you’re in need of somewhere in London that does authentic ramen, then look no further! Think of hot, soupy dishes to warm your cockles in this cold, wet, windy weather. There’s two location in London. One by Tottenham Court Road and one by Piccadilly Circus. But be careful not to go when it’s closed for a couple of hours a day between the lunch time rush and early diners (3pm-5pm).

They’re only intimate restaurants and unfortunately, don’t take reservations. So believe me when I say you don’t want to be caught behind the crowds. Whether lunch or dinner, they always seem to have a queue. Which in my opinion is the sign of a great eat!

I got the Chashu-men (pictured below). Which broken down is 18-hour pork bone broth, secret sauce, hand pulled noodles, wood ear fungus, nori and spring onion, finished with a chashu pork collar. It was so good.

They also cook your noodles to order, so whether you like soft or extra firm, they cater for all.


Let me know what you think if you go!

S x

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