The Wright Brothers

Oh Wright Brothers!  How do they get it so wright?! (Excuse my terrible pun!)

Fresh seafood in central London seems like a myth. But fear not fellow foodies, for the Wright Brothers have cracked it better than a Cornish crab (and incidentally they do a cracking crab)!

As well as their extensive menu of shellfish, they have more oysters than you can shake a stick at! I know people have this misconception of oysters being horrible and slimy, but give them a chance and never ever judge a book by it’s cover. Annnnd just to make it that little bit more tempting, their  Kingly Court restaurant  has a happy hour, so you can enjoy them for £1 a pop every day of the week from 3-6pm. For any oyster virgins, well, isn’t this just the most perfect excuse to try one (…or 6) without breaking the bank?

We had oysters to start. Only a few each though as we didn’t want to ruin our appetites. But let me tell you, I could’ve polished off at least a dozen more! It came with shallot vinegar and lemon to sprinkle over. Just writing about it is making me so hungry again…


Their fruit de mers are major show stoppers. Can I recommend making your own and trying a bit of every thing? We went for mussels, prawns, razor clams, langoustines and crab. With a couple of sides of tempura king prawns and tuna cerviche….it was all so heavenly.


Not only is the food so incredible that it makes want to move to a seaside town and eat endless amounts of fresh fish all day, every day (I’m getting distracted again) but the drinks are just as moreish. We went for the bloody choya and manda’s elixir. Now, I don’t think I’m a bloody mary connoisseur, I’d definitely wish I was, but I’m not, anyway…it was a bloody good bloody choya! And if you like bloody marys, I would absolutely suggest trying it out.


This, in my opinion, is the perfect date night spot (if you love seafood). They hit the nail on the head with their understated casual/classy vibes, definitely worth the trip for a special occasion. So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and book already!

S x

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