Smack Lobster

Yesterday was a day of firsts. I went to the British Museum for the first time. I tried out Smack Lobster, which has been on my restaurant bucket list since it opened. I went and saw the clouds at Sky Garden at the top of Walkie Talkie Tower. And then I had dinner at Gunpowder in Spitalfields and headed on down to Callooh Callay in Shoreditch for cocktails. To say it was action packed would be an understatement!

I’ve mentioned it a couple of times now, how there’s so much to see and do in London and how I never take advantage of the fact that everything literally is on my doorstep. So this time, I decided to do something about it. I got the Friday off work, became a tourist in my city and it was fantastic!

We started the day at the British Museum near Tottenham Court Road. I’d heard that the clockroom at 12 is magical as all the clocks go off at the same time, and the bells echo and bounce off the walls. So sods law I was running late. We got off the tube at 11.45 and still had to get to the museum and most importantly, locate this dreamy room. The entrance as you walk in is so grand, I fell in love with the architecture instantly (not that  I really had time to appreciate it!).

We ran up the stairs on the left as you come in and saw the sign for clock and watches. As we reached the top of the stairs, the big bell started going off. We made it! You could say perfect timing, but hey, I’m not here to brag. The rest of the bells followed in suit minutes after each other. It was lovely to see everyone listening in awe. I sort of love things like that – even though there were people from all over the world, who spoke different languages, we all understood the same sounds.

Anyway, after that we had a look round. Everything was so majestic. There’s a library room on the ground floor that looks like something out of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. And the great court is huge. I was mesmerized.

IMG_3429.JPGIMG_3914(Can you spot me?)

For lunch we walked down in Smack Lobster just off Shaftesbury Avenue. From the people that brought you Burger and Lobster (clues in the name, either a burger or lobster for only £20) comes their cafe-esque joint serving lobster rolls in a variety of ways. We ended up getting the BLLT and Mexican.


The BLLT was your standard Lobster roll, with the cracking addition of bacon, lettuce and tomato, garnished with chives…delicious!


And the Mexican was Smoked Chipotle Mayo, Peppers, Corn, Jalepenos, White Cabbage. There’s also the option to grab a lobster chowder. So if you’re feeling really peckish (greedy) I’d suggest getting in on that too. We, unfortunately, didn’t. But the smell was making me salivate so much so that next time I go I’ll be ordering it regardless! All lobster rolls are £10 with the option to eat in or takeaway. So with those hot summer days (fingers crossed, England) coming up, you can be the envy of your colleagues sitting in Soho square, while they munch on an average Pret BLT!

Next blog post will be on my Sky Garden experience. Keep your eyes peeled.

S x


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