Milk – Balham

I live in Clapham, and have done for a year and a half or so now. I moved last summer and knowing what I know now about living out and independently, I wish I had done it sooner! Southwest London has been up and coming over the last decade with brunch spots popping up all over the joint and Balham is no exception. Que Milk.

With lines of people waiting to get a table every weekend, Milk has been classed one of the best brunch eateries around and we weren’t the only ones to know about it. After waiting in the queue for 20 odd minutes we were seated next to window sharing with another group. With so many casual restaurants taking this approach we weren’t horrified to be knocking elbows. You could opt for your own table, but it means adding an extra 10 mins to your waiting time, and when its 11.30 on a Sunday morning, tea cravings start to kick in!

Unlike many others, Milk, doesn’t only go for your traditional avocado on sourdough bread with a poached egg, you get a far few other options that you wouldn’t normally encounter. I went for the Kurdish baked eggs with chorizo, spinach, labneh & kirmizi biber (basically a different type of sausage), with (naturally) a cup of english breakfast tea.


I love being given my own little pot when I order tea. And the milk in tiny milk bottles was just adorable. Don’t ask me why, it’s just the little things.

If you’re ever about in the South of London and don’t mind queuing for a little, this place is worth the wait.

S x


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