My week in photos

London in the sunshine is a completely different place to London on a cold, wet and rainy morning in January. I haven’t done a post like this in a while and wanted to share with you what I’ve been up to the past couple of weeks when the weather’s been absolutely delightful!

The first weekend of April was also the start of this glorious weather. I spent the Saturday catching up with a friend from back home. We headed over to MaE Deli for lunch and then hired a pedalo on the Serpentine in Hyde Park. For those of you wondering what Mae Deli was like….if I’m completely honest I was a little disappointed. The food was colourful, filling and instagram worthy on all levels, but it wasn’t somewhere I left wanting to plan my next visit. The staff were a bit all over the place and little rude and after seeing the hype all over social media, I was a little underwhelmed.

Sunday was my favourite day of the weekend. Me and James headed down to the Kent countryside and more specifically Faversham and walked along the coast. A good 4 and a half hours later we made it to Whitstable Habour (not without a pit stop or two for a cider and to rest our feet).

The second weekend of April was just as lovely if not better than the first. Saturday afternoon me and my housemates ended down to 32 in Clapham Old Town for brunch and then chilled out on the Common with a few drinks. In the evening me and James went to a pop up bar called The Bletchley. Based on the Turin machine and WW2, it was a fun evening of code breaking and deciphering. All completely and utterly gimmicky, but I love that sort of thing and definitely well worth getting tickets to if you can grab hold of any.

Sunday, me and James headed down to Richmond for the day. I’d heard of a garden center called Petersham Nurseries and wanted to check it out. After filling our bellies with their delicious food (highly recommended!) we wandered down by the river through Richmond and sunbathed to our hearts content on Richmond Hill.

I’ve honestly had some of the best weekends these past couple of weeks. What did you guys get up to?

S x


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