I seem to always do this! I come back for a post here and there and then don’t carry on. I can only apologise and hopefully make a pinky promise that I will post at least once a month. Granted that sounds incredibly easy when you read it like that, but life has become inexplicably busy that even that sounds like a daunting prospect.

The reason for my absence, although wholly unjustifiable, is….I’ve gone and bought my own little flat! Okay, so maybe not wholly unjustifiable. It’s a little two bed, two bath in Hackney Wick. Writing it down still doesn’t make it feel real but it’s all happening and really soon…next week to be precise *eeeeeeek*.

When I first put the deposit down on the flat, all the way back in January, I couldn’t have been more excited to start researching and trawling through hundreds upon hundreds of home ware sites (this IS what life becomes!). You think your parent’s are crazy for getting excited over cutlery, just wait until you see the most ordinary of things and can’t contain dumbfounded excitement. I hate to admit this, but one of the first things I bought was, wait for it *pause for dramatic effect*, a mop and bucket. Why you ask? Got me! I had clearly moved over to the realm of adulthood and it shocked me how easy the switch was. Life as I knew it had changed, I found myself more excited to look on made.com and h&m home than I did ASOS.

I had been pinteresting like it was going out of fashion and within the week I found my dream sofa. I’ve always had an obsession with blue velvet, so when I was looking around I knew that was always going to be the style of sofa I wanted. I came across some super glam (and bloody expensive!) sofas.


Swoon Editions


Sofas and Stuff




Arlo and Jacob

Now I love all the above but when I saw the sofa I’m about to show you I fell in love. Not lust. Love. Hard, can’t get over, forever fantasizing about, love. f9063a9c-4f5f-4fa9-8c83-4e078a988027

You know they say when you know, you know? I knew. It was perfect. So having found it via pinterest, I searched for the original and found an online shop called article did it. Perfect, that wasn’t hard and only after a week of looking, I felt pretty smug. I looked online and to my shock horror saw it was an American website. Bugger! So I checked out their delivery option…ONLY TO THE US AND CANADA, no no no! But I wasn’t giving up without a fight. I emailed them asking if they could deliver to the UK? Their reply… *We only ship to the US and Canada, unfortunately*. Then about having a UK or Europe stocklist? *We don’t have stocklist in the UK. The products are exclusive to the Article brand*. BUGGER BUGGER BUGGER. I spent the next 5 months searching for one that gave me the same feeling this one did when I saw it but to no avail. Made.com actually sold the exact same sofa in all the colours but this navy. I even went to their showroom to ask if they could source the fabric….a big fat no again. I was heartbroken. Of course the ones above were gorgeous but they just weren’t the same.

About a couple of weeks ago, I was this….close to ordering the swoon editions one when a couple of people said to wait until I get into the flat to get a feel for it. I listened because it sounded like good advice. And it was! Because, guess what…..? MADE.COM NOW SELL THE EXACT SAME SOFA IN THE EXACT SAME COLOUR!!! I couldn’t be happier and ordered straight away. 8-10 weeks wait until delivered, but I couldn’t care less. I waited the best part of 7 months for this and I just know we are going to have a happy and healthy life together.

Guys, everything happens for a reason and what will be will be. I truly believe in that and this story couldn’t echo it more!

Tune in next month (or hopefully next week) for more furniture stories…or just to see what else I’ve purchased for my first flat.

S x


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